The following documents have been produced within the framework of the European projects co-financed by DG XIII or within the framework of the project SITP (french project with german participation). They are available in English.

Some of the reports may be downloaded. Warning: a Postscript printer is necessary to print out the data model diagrams for the dcoments produced before 1999.


Contact : K. Bouree


To be downloaded :

[CEN01] CEN TC278, Reference Data Model For Public Transport, ENV12896 revised, june 2001,

[CEN97] CEN TC278, Road Transport and Trafic Telematics - Public Transport -Reference Data Model, prENV 12896 , May 1997

To be downloaded, summary to be consulted :

[T2WP1-Deliverable 3.2] TRUST, Specification of Enhancements of Transmodel V4.1.1, August 1997

[T2WP3-Deliverable 3.1] TRUST, Proceedings from User Group Meeting 1, July 1997

[WP4-Deliverable 4.1] TITAN, Overall Requirements of the Pilots, December 1996

[WP5-Deliverable 5.1] Description of Pilot Sites Specification, July 1997

[WP6-Deliverable 6.1] Description of Pilot Site Implementations, August 1997

[WP9-Deliverable 9.1] OASA, TITAN Evaluation Plan V6, May 97

To be consulted only :

[GLOSH] HARPIST, Glossary of Terms, 1995

[T2WP4-IR01] TRUST, Short Description of Transmodel, October 1996

Other papers avalable on request :

[WP1] TITAN, Final Report, February 1998.

[WP9-ID01] OASA, Evaluation Questionnaire for the Pilot Sites, May 97

[WP9-ID09] OASA, Evaluation Questionnaire for the Users Group, May 97

[WP5-Deliverable 5.3] Presentation of Results of Specifications of Data Model Extensions Proposal and of O-O Modelling , September 97

[WP2-ID02] CETE/TransExpert, Project Leaflet, February 1997

[WP2-ID03] CETE/TransExpert, Project Description, February 1997

[WP5-ID01] RATP et al, Draft deliverable 5.2: Object-Oriented Model, April 97

[T2WP3-IR03] TRUST(Berlin Congress), A Standard for Data Structures? An Example from Public Transport: Transmodel, October 1997

[T2WP3-IR04] TRUST, New Framework for Public Transport, October 1997

[T2WP3-IR03] TRUST, A New European Standard for Public Transport, October 1997


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