Executive Summary

The TITAN/1 project concerns validation and further development of Transmodel, the European Reference Data Model for public transport. Demonstrators are implemented in three pilot sites, aiming at the integration of different software applications by means of a relational database defined in accordance with the Transmodel principles and architecture.

Three pilot sites are currently developing integrated solutions for their information management based on Transmodel. Two of them (üstra Hannover and SLTC Lyon) are public transport operators and the third site (Salzburger Stadtwerke) is a municipal enterprise which not only provides public transport services, but is also in charge of energy and water supply and maintaining the corresponding networks.

This report summarises the descriptions of the implementation of the demonstrator of the Transmodel based information systems at the three pilot test sites. It focuses on the presentation of the physical architecture and the communication architecture of the demonstrators and gives a brief outline of the implementation plan followed by the three pilot sites.

In the first chapter a short introduction to the TITAN project is presented together with the objectives of this deliverable, an overview of the three demonstrators and the status of the work.

The second chapter presents the physical architecture of the demonstrators by describing the central databases, the interfaced applications, the interfaces and the various hardware platforms used by these components of the integrated system.

The communication architecture is decribed in the third chapter. This description comprises the management of the interfaced components, the physical network and details of the data transfer process.

The fourth chapter comprises the implementation plans of the three pilot sites. The focus is on implementation of the database and the interfaces as well as entry and conversion of the (test) data.

The last chapter of this deliverable contains the conclusion for the implementation planned and in progress.