Description of the organisation:

TransExpert is an E.I.G. (Economic Interest Grouping ) which brings together engineers specialising in Advanced Informatics. It has been created in 1991 by individuals who had acquired a strong experience of European projects with major institutions in France.

TransExpert stands for Transfer & Expertise ; i.e. its major activities focus on the transfer of computer-based-technologies towards various application fields. The group members have developed various skills, which allows a cross-fertilisation of complementary expertises as well as a full participation in projects which require an integration of diverse techniques.

Some of the issues that TransExpert is well qualified to address are listed below:

TransExpert is based in Aix en Provence. Most of its activities lie at an international level, especially within the framework of European scientific/technological programmes (DRIVE, BRITE-EURAM, ESPRIT, IMPACT, COMETT).

Role in the project:

The main activity of this partner is the overall Project Management TransExpert will also play the role of System Architecture Manager. Some technical contributions, as described in the work plan, will be provided in particular to the evaluation of the project, to the User Group management. TransExpert will play the role of a link between the leader of the object-oriented modelling activity and the horizontal tasks (TITAN/2 contract).

 Contact :

Contact TITAN/1 & 2 : Kasia BOUREE

TransExpert GIE
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