Description of the organisation:

TRUST E.E.I.G. (European Economic Interest Group) has been created in 1995 according to the requirement expressed by the European Commission to continue the work on Transmodel, the European Reference Data Model for Public Transport developed within previous European programmes (projects Cassiope and EuroBus/Transmodel). Its main purpose is to act as the kernel team and initiator of the European Data management Group to ensure the maintenance (in a larger sense, i.e. extensions, enhancements, certification) of Transmodel. For the time being, a clear institutional support to TRUST is provided by the European Commission, who is fully funding TRUST activities within the project.

TRUST stands for Transmodel Users' Support Team. As mentioned above, its major activities focus on research and knowledge transfer concerning Transmodel. The grouping brings together engineers specialising in Data Modelling and Information System design, especially for Public Transport applications. The group members have acquired a strong experience of European projects (Cassiope, EuroBus, Gaudi) and Task Forces (Harpist, Cartridge). In particular, their activity within the Harpist Task Force that consisted in collecting different requirements and integrating them after harmonisation into the data model is a good example of the activities of TRUST for the next three years. The issues that TRUST is well qualified to address are:

TRUST activity splits into two parts: the first is strongly related to European projects, the second covers the support of Transmodel users and solutions of related problems in any individual country in the whole Europe.

Role in the project:

The EEIG TRUST will act as leader of the horizontal tasks (Kernel task): it will play the role of the kernel organisation of the Data Management Group in charge of harmonising modelling proposals and terminology, participating in the standardisation process. Its members will build a Steering Committee (see Chapter 4) within TITAN and will support the Project Manager in the technical co-ordination of the project. TRUST members will maintain a strong link with Transmodel users in order to provide assistance to the Pilot Sites (inventory of the needs, data modelling, implementation, specific evaluation).

TRUST is a grouping composed of 4 member organisations