Description of the organisation:

üstra is the Public Transport Operator of the city of Hanover, the capital of the Federal State of Lower Saxony in Germany. üstra operates 240 light rail vehicles and 260 buses which mainly serve the city area (570 000 inhabitants), but also the Greater Hanover region (1,2 M inhabitants). Planning and operations of the bus system and the light rail system are fully integrated. Both systems carry 140 M passengers per year in total. Computer systems and telematics applications are used to support planning, monitoring and control of operations and for passenger information. These systems are, however, not connected with each other, so inter working of applications and data exchange between different systems is difficult to maintain. The integration of computer and telematics applications, based on European standards, is necessary to improve quality and efficiency of company operations.

Role in the project: leader of the pilot site Hanover, supported by the subsidiary TransTeC (subcontractor).

üstra is one of the three main sites implementing a fully integrated information system on the basis of Transmodel, including a range of applications which will be adapted to the public transport database to be implemented in conformance with the Transmodel data structures. In the Consortium, üstra takes in charge the responsibility of the work-package WP6 (Build the demonstrator), including the corresponding deliverables. üstra will contribute to two of the Transmodel extension groups, and will provide technical feedback and experiences from their Transmodel implementation.

 Contact :

Am Hohen Ufer 6
30159 Hannover - Germany

Georg Ebbing
Tel : +49 511 1668 2620
Fax: +49 511 1668 2367