Salzburger Stadtwerke Aktiengesellschaft

Description of the organisation::.

The Salzburger Stadtwerke AG (City Department of Works) is a compound enterprise owned by the City of Salzburg (Salzburg is a city of approx. 150,000 inhabitants and the capital of Federal State “Salzburg“ in the North West of Austria), consisting of the company departments Public Transport, Electricity supply, Gas, Water, and Heat supply.

The public transport department branch operates the bus and the trolleybus network in the city of Salzburg and the surrounding region. The line network has an overall length of over 130 km, more than half of which is being served by trolleybuses (thus, Salzburg owns one the biggest trolleybus networks in Western Europe). The bus and trolleybus systems carry nearly 50 million passengers per year. The vehicle park consists of approx. 80 trolleybuses and 50 diesel-powered buses.

Role in the project: leader of the pilot site Salzburg.

Salzburg will focus (within TITAN) on the integration of the scheduling and passenger information applications with the Geographical Information System.

Contact :

Salzburger Stadtwerke
Roseggerstrasse 2 Postfach 163
A-5021 Salzburg

Wilfried Pfitzer

Tel : +43 662 4480 25 10
Fax: +43 662 4480 25 25