Société Lyonnaise des Transports en Commun

Description of the organisation:

SLTC, daughter-company of the VIA-GTI Group (120 operators in France), operates the urban PT network of the Greater Lyon area, under the authority of the SYTRAL (Syndicat mixte des transports pour le Rhône et l'agglomération lyonnaise). The SLTC network includes 4 metro lines, 100 surface transport lines and 2 funicular lines, providing a supply of 45 M km per year, used by 255 M passengers. The surface network is operated by 1,000 vehicles. Computer systems and telematics applications are used to support planning, monitoring and control of operations and for passenger information. These systems are currently connected with each other by specific interfaces, difficult to maintain and update. The implementation of an integrated information system will be undertaken to improve the efficiency of the computer equipment of SLTC.

Role in the project: leader of the Lyon pilot site.

Lyon is one of the three main TITAN pilot sites, with the implementation of a fully integrated information system based on Transmodel, relating a range of applications with a database to be implemented in conformance with the Transmodel data structures. Within the TITAN Consortium, SLTC takes in charge the responsibility of the work package dedicated to the demonstration stage (WP 8). SLTC will also provide technical feedback for data model refinements, implementation guidelines and evaluation of the project. Planned as the first site to be completed, the Lyon site will provide the learnings of its early experience to the other sites. Relationship with Transmodel users will be a part of the project, in conjunction with the French Ministry of Transport, sponsoring partner.

 Contact :

Société Lyonnaise de Transport en Commun
Imm. "Le Lyonnais" 19, bd M. Vivier-Merle
LYON 69212
cedex 03

J-Pierre Tily, Olivier Brévaux

Tel : 33 4 78 71 80 60
Fax : 33 4 78 71 82 37