Description of the organisation:

TransTeC is a subsidiary of üstra, the public transport operator of Hanover, which support public transport operators and local authorities in providing solutions for better transportation systems, in Germany and abroad. TransTeC has an experienced staff or approximately 30 employees, mainly engineers, planners and experts on information technology,. The main activities are on the fields of traffic planning, systems concepts, vehicle technology, transport and operation planning and planning and design of information systems.

Role in the project:

Daughter company (100% subsidiary) of the public transport company üstra. Technical support of üstra with the analysis of data requirements, database design, implementation of Transmodel, adaptation and integration of applications. Contribution to the horizontal project tasks, including communication with the European Commission.

TransTeC is also member of the European Economic Interest Groupin TRUST which is in charge of the TITAN/2 accompanying measure. TransTeC takes over the role of the data administrator for Transmodel.


Contact :

TransTeC Hannover
Lister Strasse 15
30163 Hannover

Tel : +49 511 3995 1412
Fax: +49 511 3995 1499