Organisation of Urban Transport for Athens


Description of the organisation:

The Organisation of Urban Transport for Athens (OASA) is the Planning and Controlling Organisation of Athens Public Transport. It is supervising the operation of some 1800 buses, 400 trolley-buses and the metro line of Greater Athens. It has a staff of approximately 120 persons and an annual turn-over of 9 billion Drs.

OASA has conducted a number of studies in this field of public transport and is keenly interested in Data Modelling and application of Telematics in Public Transport. It has recently collected data for Athens Urban Transport including a full household interview survey for the Greater Athens Area and also a number of other studies and surveys related to Public Transport Operators.

It is now promoting a plan to co-ordinate the system of information processing between the three public transport operators of Athens and to install in its premises, a centralised system for planning, monitoring and controlling the whole Public Transport in Athens.

Role in the project:

As User Group leader, OASA will have to organise the User Group, together with the Project Manager. He will have to formalise the membership of the User Group participants, in particular, to define and update the list of the members, to made all necessary administrative arrangements that will enable the work of the User Group (contracts for specific tasks for User Group experts). He will have to participate actively in the organisation of the User Group meetings, taking into account specific arrangements that the Commission will instaure (e.g. task forces, topic groups) during the Co-ordination Meetings.

For the project evaluation OASA will develop an evaluation methodology and will gather all necessary information in order to assess the results of the project. The methodology will include perhaps quantitative as well as qualitative assessment and for the first some concrete data will have to be analysed and presented. OASA will play the role of Evaluation Mananger.

Contact :

Athens Area Urban Transport Organisation
15 Metsovou Street
Athens 10682

Yannis Patrikalakis

30 1 883 60 76
30 1 883 60 77
30 1 823 16 08