Synergy Systems S.A.

Description of the organisation:

Synergy Systems was established in 1992 and has been created as a spin-off of the local University which holds very good credentials in Computer Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering and VLSI Design. It is located in the city of Patras, a town that hosts the largest port of Western Greece and is a key junction point between Greece and the rest of European Union. It currently employs 12 highly qualified engineers and staff and has a turnover of 200k ECU per year. The activity of Synergy Systems are mainly focused in two areas:

Role in the project:

Synergy Systems participates in the project by contributing in the extension of the existing Transmodel reference. Based on the existing kernel version of Transmodel, the data requirements of the pilot sites, user group and input from other related R&D projects, together with the other partners in the related extension groups (EGs) will provide proposals, develop and harmonise a data model for new domains of Public Transport operations. Within TITAN Synergy will contribute to the:

Contact :

                  Synergy Systems S.A.
                  Amerikis 68
                  Patras 264 41
Telephone + 30 61 45 38 92
Fax + 30 61 45 38 93
WWW address
Contact Persons  Angelos Voros
 Andreas Tsolodimos