Ministère de l'Aménagement du Territoire de l'Equipement et des Transports

Direction des Transports Terrestres


Description of the organisation:

The Direction des Transports Terrestres (DTT) is the service within the French Ministry of Transports responsible of the management and the co-ordination of transports. Besides its administrative regulation role, DTT takes an active part in modernisation of public networks and tries to involve new technologies. To reach this aim, DTT constantly evaluates innovative solutions and promotes the integration of systems which brings an added value to Public Operators. Research of harmonisation and cooperation at a European level is therefore an important objective of this Administration.

Role in the project:

DTT acts as a sponsoring partner

Within TITAN DTT will support the project by supplying complementary funds to the involved French Partners (CETE méditerranée, TransExpert, SLTC, RATP). Over this financial role aimed to support research action, DTT will participate in the harmonisation of users needs in France and more particularly in the dissemination of results. DTT feels very concerned by the generalisation of the use of the model.

Contact :

Ministère de l'Equipement du Logement et des Transports
Grande Arche Paroi Sud
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Marie-Laure Garcin

Phone: 33 1 40 81 14 84
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