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What is Titan, briefly?

TITAN stands for TRANSMODEL-based Integration of Transport Applications and Normalisation

TITAN is a three-year project that started in January, 1996 and is funded by the Telematics Applications Programme - Sector Transport - of the EU Fourth Framework Programme.

TITAN, focuses on TRANSMODEL, the pre-standard reference data model for Public Transport operations, which can be used in the design of a database to serve as a link between application programs.

TITAN's main objectives are to validate, extend and disseminate this data model.

Validation is taking place at three major pilot implementations: Lyon, Hanover and Salzburg. A user group was also set up to reach a wider audience.

Extensions of the datamodel cover both new operational domains and new modelling techniques.

Dissemination of information about the contents of the model aims at increased market penetration.



Who is concerned by TITAN, and why?

Every organisation involved in Telematics and Public Transport : Public Transport operators, information system providers, administrations, national and international transport unions, and software suppliers.

To face competition with cars, Public Transport operators throughout Europe have recognised the importance of improving the quality and efficiency of their service. Computerised systems are often used to achieve these improvements in the service offered.

In the past, many companies bought or developed products for specific operational domains which were not easy to combine into a coherent information system. Products were usually for stand-alone applications or directly coupled to other products. Inconsistent and replicated data was common and companies were often dependent on a single software supplier to get products capable of communicating with each other.

A more open solution is now offered by TRANSMODEL and TITAN.


 What are the objectives of TITAN?

TITAN is demonstrating and assessing interest in using TRANSMODEL as a basis for the development of an integrated computer system on a real scale.

This will be done through pilot site implementations and validations.

TITAN is also a platform for discussing the evolution and extension of the model.

TITAN is also promoting TRANSMODEL in order to widen its acceptance as a standard. Dissemination of general and technical information to a wide panel of potential users is important. More user awareness of the existence of TRANSMODEL and its system architectural implications is being sought.


Concretely, what will be produced within TITAN?

Each pilot site will establish interfaces between several application programs and a TRANSMODEL database in order to test the existing version. They will also identify any additional needs and propose suitable extensions to the model.

An evaluation of the efficiency of an approach based on TRANSMODEL will be carried out by an analysis of the effort needed to implement the current version at the sites. The adequacy of the data structures defined in the current version of the model will be assessed by comparing them with the needs expressed at pilot site level. These elements will give tangible proof of the benefits that can be expected.

In addition, specific products of TITAN will also comprise :


What benefits can be expected ?

Only a better knowledge of TRANSMODEL and how it can be used as a basis for full scale implementations can lead to its wider acceptance by Public Transport organisations.

An increase in the number of potential users of the model in the Public Transport world is the goal for the dissemination activities.

The field demonstrations aim to establish the usefulness of the TRANSMODEL approach.

These trial validations and the gathering of user opinions are essential for TRANSMODEL to become accepted as a standard.

TITAN provides a platform for the evolution of TRANSMODEL and this is a crucial point. A model - as any information system element - must live and evolve to be a really useful tool adapted to a moving world. TITAN and its Data Management Group will ensure this vital function.




How will this be achieved ?

TITAN will implement various aspects of the present version of TRANSMODEL (V4.1) at pilot sites. This will provide feed back on how adequately TRANSMODEL expresses their information needs and helps them to design and implement an integrated information system.

In parallel with these tests at pilot sites, inputs and feedback from the users group and other Telematics Applications Programme projects will continue the work of incorporating and checking users needs.

TITAN comprises two parts: TITAN/1 will be more concerned with implementations of TRANSMODEL-based information systems, whereas TITAN/2 will deal with the management of the data model.




TITAN: [Presentation] [Partners] [Results] [Deliverables] [Pilot sites]

The TITAN Consortium

 You can find hereafter the Consortium Partners list with indication of their countries and their roles in the project:



Contact TITAN/1 :Bert Vervoort

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mail: bvervoort@transtec-hannover.de

Contact TITAN/1 & 2 : Kasia BOUREE

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