Transmodel has been developed within a range of European projects of several European Programmes (Drive I, Drive II, TAP) with the support of the European Commission (DGXIII), of national public institutions, in particular of the French Ministry of Transport (Direction des Transports Terrestres) and of private companies.

Transmodel development started with Cassiope project (1989-1991, Drive I programme). Cassiope results were then considerably enriched by the projects EuroBus and Harpist (Drive II).

The Telematics Applications Programme project TITAN (1996-1998) has continued to validate and enhance Transmodel implementing it in three European pilot sites and has accompanied the standardisation process of Transmodel, voted in 1997 as the European expermental norm ENV 12896

SITP: Système d'Information pour le Transport Public (Information System for Public Transport) Started 1999 under the sponsorship of the French Ministry of Transport.

But new actions are starting now...

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