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Back in service

Français : Retour en ligne
Deutsch : Einsatzbereitschaft

The time and location for a bus to resume service after an interruption.
Balanced load headway

Français : Intervalles régulés en fonction de la charge
Deutsch : Nach gleicher Auslastung festgelegte Zeitintervalle

Uneven time intervals to ensure that observed passenger loadings in all buses are similar.

Français : Arrêt protégé, Alvéole
Deutsch : Haltebucht

A stopping area off the highway reserved for the buses.

Français : Balise
Deutsch : Bake, Ortsbake


The work of a vehicle from the time it leaves a PARKING POINT after parking until its next return to park at a PARKING POINT. Any subsequent departure from a PARKING POINT after parking marks the start of a new BLOCK.
Block number, Running number (of a vehicle)

Français : Numéro de service voiture
Deutsch : Umlaufnummer

The number given to a BLOCK to identify the assignment of a vehicle to the BLOCK

Français : Montée, Embarquement
Deutsch : Einstieg
Boundary point

Français : Point de limite de zone
Deutsch : Grenzpunkt

The point at which two Operational areas meet.
Branch, Spur

Français : Antenne
Deutsch : Abzweig, Zweig

A part of a route, i.e. a section which diverges for some distance from the main route and terminates at a place different from the normal terminus.

See also :Section

Français : PAUSE
Deutsch : PAUSE

A period of time within a DUTY PART, during which a driver is resting at a BREAK FACILITY and is not responsible for a VEHICLE.

See also :PAUSE, Meal break


A canteen, cafe, kiosk or any place where drivers have toilet and refreshment facilities.

See also :BREAK, PAUSE
Breakdown, Failure

Français : Panne
Deutsch : Panne, Ausfalle
Bus entry / exit control

Français : Contrôle des entrées / sorties du dépôt
Deutsch : Ein- / Ausfahrt Kontrolle

Control and registration of events at the bus depot (entry, exit, special events, etc.).
Bus exchange, Changeover

Français :Échange de véhicules
Deutsch : Fahrzeugwechsel

The substitution of one bus for another in order that the trips allocated to the first bus should be completed (often after a breakdown).

See also :Bus replacement
Bus lane

Français : Voie réservée aux bus
Deutsch : Busfahrspur
Bus operation indicators

Français : Indicateurs d'exploitation
Deutsch : Aktuelle Betriebsdaten

Information on operations' performance (kilometrage per bus, per driver, statistics on delays, etc.).
Bus parking in the depot

Français :Garage des véhicules au dépôt
Deutsch : Abstellen von Fzg. auf Betriebshof

The allocation of buses to parking spaces in the depot (according to the maintenance jobs that need to be done, the order of departure the next day, etc).

See also :GARAGE
Bus replacement

Français :Remplacement de véhicule
Deutsch : Fahrzeug Austausch

Bus replacement, usually made in response to reported mechanical defects.

See also :Bus exchange
Bus schedule, Vehicle schedule

Français : Tableau de marche
Deutsch : Fahrzeugumlauf (Plan)

The set of all journeys undertaken by a particular group of buses. This includes journeys to and from the depot and may also include empty journeys between different termini, and shows precisely what is to be done by each bus in the course of a day.
Bus shelter

Français : Abribus
Deutsch : Fahrgastunterstand
Bus stop assignment

Français : Affectation des emplacements d'arrêts
Deutsch : Zuordnung von Haltepositionen und Linien

(Dynamic) Assignment of bus stops to be used by each service.