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Français :Prix
Deutsch : Fahrgeld
Fare collection

Français :Perception des titres de transport
Deutsch : Fahrgeldentrichtung

Activity-based Transmodel Company area, defined as all activities related to the collection of money from passengers, in exchange for the use of COMPANY's services.
Fare evader

Français :Fraudeur
Deutsch : Schwarzfahrer
Fare information

Français :Information sur les tarifs
Deutsch : Tarifinformation

Information on different types of Fare according to user category, type of day / hour, zone, and on how and where to buy and validate tickets.

See also :FARE QUERY
Fare product

Français :Produit tarifaire
Deutsch : Tarifangebot

Type of marketable service offered to passengers.

See also :Customer


A PASSENGER QUERY from a passenger about Fares.

See also :Fare information
Fare sales point

Français :Point de vente (de tickets)
Deutsch : Fahrausweis-Verkaufstelle
Fare stage

Français :Limite tarifaire
Deutsch : Zahlgrenze

A Stage on a ROUTE where the Fare changes.
Fare structure

Français :Structure tarifaire
Deutsch : Tarifstruktur

The set of theoretical rules applied to define the access rights to services and to calculate the Fares : Graduated fares (distance- or time-related…), Zonal fares, Flat fares, etc.

See also :Flat fare, Graduated fare, Zonal fare, Fare system
Fare system

Français :Système tarifaire
Deutsch : Tarifsystem

The whole set of techniques used for Fare collection : open/closed system, types of media (tickets, cards), access control techniques, Fare structure.

Deutsch : FÜLLZEIT

A non-productive period of driver time. This is either the result of the duty cutting procedure or is introduced to prolong a DRIVING SPELL to a minimum length.

Français :Amende
Deutsch : Bußgeld
Fixed cycle operation

Français :Service à intervalles réguliers
Deutsch : Taktbetrieb

Service with constant Frequency

See also :Interval, Even headway
Flat fare

Français :Tarif uniforme
Deutsch : Einheitstarif

Fare independent of the distance.

See also :Fare structure, Graduated fare, Zonal fare
Fraud detection

Français :Détection de la fraude
Deutsch : Erkennung ungültiger Fahrscheine, Schwartzfahrer Kontrolle

Identification of passengers with non-valid tickets.
Free time

Français :Temps de pause
Deutsch : Freizeit

Time during which the DRIVER is not under the authority of the management.

Français :Fréquence
Deutsch : Bedienungshäufigkeit

The number of buses on a Service which pass a given timing point within a specified period (hour / day / week).

See also :Interval, Frequency control, Frequency build up, Frequency reduction
Frequency build up

Français :Fréquence intermédiaire (croissante)
Deutsch : Verstaerken des Angebots

The process of increasing the Frequency of Journeys operated on a Service in the normal period to correspond with the increased traffic in the Peak hours.
Frequency control (on-line), Interval control

Français :Régulation d'intervalle en ligne
Deutsch : Abstandsüberwachung, Abstandskontrolle

Strategy to maintain regular service Intervals when disturbances make it impossible to keep to the Schedule.

See also :Frequency
Frequency reduction

Français :Fréquence intermédiaire (décroissante)
Deutsch : Ausdünnen des Angebots

The process of reducing the Frequency of journeys scheduled for the Peak hours to match the reduced traffic in the Inter peak period.
Fuel recording

Français :Suivi de la consommation de carburant
Deutsch : Tankdatenerfassung

Fuel-monitoring (consumption per vehicle, stock-control management, documentation, etc.).

Français :Financement
Deutsch : Finanzierung